Donna – Die in Dubai

DONNA - Die In Dubai



This album is all about death. It is dedicated to all the happy boomers.

  1. Die in Dubai ! (We will remember you, Wilko Johnson… Always) 01:10
  2. The Walking Dead – Michonne-mi-raisin (Zombo’s Montreux) 01:56
  3. DIE BOOMERS ! DIE ! (and suck Satan’s dick) Feat. Joy Mitchell 02:44
  4. Boire l’Eau Dans Laquelle Je Pisse (Near Term Human Extinction) 02:59
  5. Cool, Totalement Cool (Save the planet, kill yourself !) 01:26
  6. The Big Dirt Nap (All your life, you wanted a concrete house, you have now a concrete tomb) Feat. Joy Mitchell 02:41
  7. He Tried And He Died (Reprise de Jojo – Jacques Brel) 02:14
  8. The End Of Everything (Check those balls !) Feat. Joy Mitchell 02:47
  9. Soft Cock Rock ! (Stoner de Breast) 02:41
  10. Enter Painfully, Exit Gracefully (Mince est la frontière séparant le génie du Johnny) Feat. Joy Mitchell 04:34
  11. Holy Shit ! (We are fucked !) 01:54
  12. LIFE = NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE (Relax, it is over now) Feat. Joy Mitchell 03:07
  13. Teach Your Son How To Use A Gun (Infinite growth on a finite planet) Feat. Joy Mitchell 05:22
  14. [Lie In Lausanne sessions] The Final Solution Countdown (Sooner or later, saving your life is meant to fail)
  15. [Lie In Lausanne sessions] Ici Ou Là, Bon Débarras (See ya in hell, hombre)
  16. [Lie In Lausanne sessions] Joy, Léman Colique (Squeeze my lemon ’til the juice runs down my leg) Feat. Joy Mitchell

All songs written, recorded, mixed and mastered in 2013 between Lausanne and Dubai by Olivier Larvor and Frédéric Dufourd / Gaëtan ‘Zombo’ Seguin played the drums, Emilie ‘Pipette’ Lamour sang and played the flute and Franck ‘Le Président’ Jankowski helped on the artwork concept / This record has been specially mastered for SUV car speakers and Apple earpods

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